For the purpose of your information, “Refuse”, “Garbage”, “Yard Waste” and “Recyclables”, shall be defined as follows:
1. Garbage: This is putrescent waste resulting from the handling, preparation, cooking and consumption of food, or wastes resulting from the handling storage and packaging of the same.
2. Refuse: This is non-putrescent waste, including, but not limited to, paper, cartons, boxes, barrels, non combustible waste, such as crockery glassware and other household items. Refuse shall not include soils and other excavated materials from construction and landscaping, or waste from remodeling projects, roofing repairs and replacement, shingles and siding, human or animal excreta or any waste resulting from industrial processes or manufacturing operation. Individual household items in excess of 50 pounds in weight will not be considered as refuse and will be included in the special pick up items listed in Paragraph 4 below.
3. Yard Waste: Yard waste will include grass clippings, trimmings from shrubs and trees, and other greenery from general yard maintenance operations. It will be collected as a separate waste stream from the refuse and garbage defined above. It must be contained in approved biodegradable paper sacks, or in plastic bins with attachable covers or lids. These bins will be clearly marked with large X on it. If any large bushes and trees are set out as yard waste they must be in bundles less than 4 feet long, weigh less than 50 pounds, and contain no tree limbs in excess of 4” in diameter. If the total yard waste exceeds fifty pounds, then multiple bags and or bundles must be used. Any such bundles must be securely fastened with twine, rope, or any other biodegradable fastening material. If unsure about the size of items, call the hauler directly. If you need the number, please do not hesitate to call the Village.
4. Special Pick Up Items: This class of waste includes large household items such as furniture, mattresses, and household appliances such as washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators and freezers.
5. Recycling Service and Recyclable Items: If the municipality has included a recycling program in the services provided by the Contractor (which we do), then each homeowner wishing to participate in the recycling program will be asked to attend one of the two informational meetings published in the Notice circulated to each homeowner. At this meeting we will discuss the program, its objectives, the materials to be recycled and any other issues that may arise. At the same time we will distribute the plastic bins that will be used to contain the recycled materials. However, we will also make arrangements to provide bins to any residents that choose not to attend this informational meeting. The following items will be included in the recycling program. In one stream, all the paper, newsprint, and fiberboard, please note, no glossy paper will be collected, as it has to be removed at the Contractors designated Recycling Center. In a second, separate stream, we will collect, metal containers and cans, glass containers, and No 1 and No 2 plastic containers. In all cases the glass, metal and plastic containers must be clean and free of any associated waste material. If any items are soiled, the material will be set aside for collection and disposal at the landfill.
Residents of the Village are allowed to make one free dump per month at the disposal site. This free disposal service cannot include large amounts of roofing, construction, remodeling or demolition waste, but small amounts, from do it yourself programs, will be accepted. Any additional dumps will be subject to a fee at a discounted rate from the normal disposable schedule.


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