Code of Ordinances
During the planning stage of any project it is recommended that you contact South Central Michigan Construction Code Inspection to determine if a permit is needed. The office is located at:
1309 Cleaver Rd, Suite A, Caro.
(989) 672-3750
Be sure to contact them prior to starting any project. They will gladly direct you through the legal and inspection process.
Each Spring/Summer, new above ground pools crop up in the Village with the arrival of warm weather. Village ordinances have recently been changed regarding the installation, operation, zoning/electrical permit processes, and enclosure requirements for above ground pools with a water depth exceeding eighteen (18) inches.
New and existing above ground pools with a rigid exterior sidewall, which are a minimum of forty-eight (48) inches in height from grade, no longer require an enclosure or fence. A zoning permit and inspection will be processed through the Cass City Village Code Enforcement Office. There will be no charge for this pool related permit and inspection. If the pool has an electrical connection, an electrical permit is required and must be obtained through SCMCCI (contact information listed above).
Replacing the enclosure/fence requirements for above ground pools is a requirement that each pool owner/operator must provide a secure access point to their pool. This can be as elaborate as a gate with a locking mechanism or as simple as folding up or moving the ladder out of reach whenever the pool is not in use to prevent children or others from having unauthorized access to the pool. Whichever method is used, the pool owner/operator is solely responsible for preventing unauthorized entry into their pool.
One additional change is there will no longer be an annual operational permit requirement. It will be the pool owner/operator's sole responsibility to insure that their pool is fully equipped and in good operating condition.
For a more detailed explanation of the above information we refer you to Chapter 6, Article II, Swimming Pools in the "municode" library, sections 6-32 through 6-37.
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