Village Council


The Village of Cass City is a General Law Village where the electors of the Village elect

a Village Council. The Village Council ultimately is responsible for the policy and financial

decisions, and the Village Manager implements them.

Dan Delamarter    

Robert Piaskowski        Michael Kirn

Dan Delamarter


Robert Piaskowski

President Pro Term

Michael Kirn


Tom         Joe Leeson

 Kevven Dorland Sized

Tom Herron


Joe Leeson


Kevven Dorland



  Bill Hartzel

William C. Hartzell


President     Dan Delamarter 11/19/2024
President Pro Tem Robert Piaskowski 11/19/2026
Trustee Michael Kirn 11/19/2024
Trustee Tom Herron    11/19/2024
Trustee Joe Leeson 11/19/2026
Trustee Kevven Dorland 11/19/2026
Trustee William C. Hartzell 11/19/2024

The Village Council meets the last Monday of each month at 6 pm.

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