TO:                  Village Council

FROM:             Debbie Powell, Village Manager

DATE:             October 26, 2018

RE:                  Manager’s Report October 2018


We are seeking quotes from insurance companies for property and liability insurance. We have been with the John Gandolfi Agency since 1988, and it’s time to see if their rates are competitive in today’s market. We have several meetings scheduled in October to seek insurance quotes from other companies. This information will help us prepare our 2019 budget.


The Frankenmuth Credit Union (FCU) construction plans for their proposed Church Street location in the Ben’s Supermarket is progressing. Staff met FCU Engineer Michael Rybicki concerning their fall construction schedule. Construction bid packages have been sent out and will be opened late October. The plans are for construction to start early November.

Earlier this year, the Village Council agreed to use the FCU contractor and engineer to replace the Church Street water main and line from Veterans to Nestle. The Village would recognize cost savings and allow for the project to be completed quicker. The approved plans call for a two-lane drive-through; which necessitates the reconstruction and narrowing of Church Street in this block with new curb and gutter.


On Friday, October 12, 2018 I attended a “Fix the Roads” meeting in Cadillac, Michigan. A group of managers and individuals from many organizations, Road Commissions, MDOT, MML, SEMCOG, and others were present.

Included in your packet is a brochure and additional information on Michigan roads. Michigan was last in the nation for per capita spending on roads; however, the estimated per capita expenditure in 2018 will improve our standings. Michigan spends 61% of the U.S. average on road construction $408 MI vs. $536 US Avg. Michigan collects nearly the same amount from the Traditional Funding Sources as compared to the U.S. Average $344 U.S. vs. $369 MI. These funding sources include: gas taxes, vehicle registration fees, and Federal taxes.

The average state collects 450% more from other funding sources than Michigan - $188 US Avg. vs $39 MI. These other funding sources include General Fund transfers, property tax, bonds, sales tax, income tax, and tolls.

Research indicates that Michigan needs to invest an additional $1.2 Billion for the Southeast of Michigan roads, and another $1.2 Billion for the remainder of the state totaling $2.4 Billion to bring the roads back to 80% good or fair condition.

Michigan’s road conditions are unique and require above average maintenance needs. In comparison with road construction done in our neighboring mid-west states (see brochure), Michigan spends much less on road construction per capita and the results of this neglect are apparent in the road conditions.

The solution is to budget and fund road infrastructure. Attendees at the meeting were in agreement that modifying ACT 51 is not recommended. Based on current voter surveys, to repair roads is a top concern, and conversely voters were less concerned about raising taxes. After the November election, more information will be forthcoming as both gubernatorial candidates have different approaches to fixing the roads in Michigan.


At the request of the Personnel and Public Safety Committee, the Village has implemented annual employee evaluations. All full-time employees and one permanent part-time Parks Department employee were evaluated in September. The process was started in the summer with the review of appropriate evaluation forms. Staff chose to do the annual evaluations in September due to the work load of the Department Heads. The evaluations were reviewed with the respective employees and filed in their personnel file. Staff will continue this annual process, with the next employee evaluations to be performed in September of 2019.


Pinktober was held in the Village of Cass City on Tuesday, October 23. The Municipal Building was open and many were on hand to pass out candy to the trick or treaters. It was a lot of fun for a good cause. The Village appreciates all the community volunteers, and during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, especially our Pinktober volunteers and businesses who participate in the many community events.