TO:                  Village Council

FROM:            Debbie Powell, Village Manager

DATE:             April 30, 2018

RE:                  Manager’s Report April 2018

April has been a very busy month. I have been working to accomplish four weeks of work in three with time off for a vacation.  Some of the meetings, activities and projects are outlined below.  They include objectives for our Strategic Planning goals.  

Parks and Recreation

The Parks and Recreation Committee met on April 13th.  We discussed obtaining estimates for the pool rehabilitation and replacement of the surrounding concrete pad.  It has been very difficult to get quotes for repairs as not many companies work on pools like ours.   The concrete pad surrounding the pool will need to be replaced prior to rehabilitation of the pool in order to avoid damaging the pool tiles.  I have been meeting with local governmental units inviting them to join us in the restoration of the Helen Stevens Memorial Pool, a regional recreational asset, through a monetary donation.  I have also contacted the Tuscola County Community Foundation concerning grant applications.  As more information is available, I will share it with the Council. 

Blight Committee


The Blight Committee consisting of trustees, landlords, a community representative, and staff met on April 4, 2018. We discussed:  1) why the Committee was formed; 2) goals; 3) current blight enforcement initiatives; and 4) the work to be done for ordinances and activities.  The Blight Committee will meet monthly.  Our next meeting is scheduled for May 2nd, and we will be discussing proposed language for a new ordinance for non-owner occupied, vacant, and rental properties for our Code of Ordinances for the Police Department to enforce.


There are some street projects planned for this summer. The April 30th Council Agenda will seek approval to go out for bids for the Northwood Circle Project, from Beechwood to Beechwood, mil and re-pave.  Additionally, the Village will be using Federal Repurposed grant funds that MDOT has held in escrow to crack seal Seeger, starting from the northend of the village limits to the southend.  The project total is $23,398 and the Village will contribute $4,680 (20% match) with grant funds of $18,718. 

The Seeger Street super-project and underground infrastructure repair will be done in two phases. Phase I for South Seeger is planned for the 2020 construction season.  By delaying the project to receive STP funding through the Tuscola County Rural Task Force, the Village will receive $160,000 in grant funding towards the estimated $200,000 in road reconstruction cost.

At the Planning Commission meeting on December 27, 2017, they approved plans for Frankenmuth Credit Union, located in the proposed Ben’s Supermarket. The plans call for re-doing Church Street to allow for a double lane by-pass through their drive-through.  Church Street will be narrowed with new curb and gutter.   As the water main located in Church Street was installed in the 1940’s, it is the Village’s plan to replace it during the road reconstruction.  Frankenmuth Credit Union has agreed to pay for the costs associated with road reconstruction.  The Village will bear the cost of replacing the water main.  The April 30th Village Council Agenda includes an agreement outlining their plans for your review and approval. 

Community Bi-Annual Newsletter

Something new for you! Staff is working on a bi-annual community newsletter to send to residents and businesses in the Village. The newsletters will be sent in US Mail in the Spring and Fall with general information and updates on matters concerning the Village.  In order to inform and provide information to our community, we cannot rely on any one method of communication such as social media, newsprint, website, public notices, etc.  We are very excited about the prospect of a community newsletter.  Look for it in your mailbox in May.

Thank You!

As we contemplate the costly repairs required for the Helen Stevens Memorial Pool and other park amenities, we are appreciative and grateful for the community support from Elkland Township. Elkland Township has pledged $5,000 for the next five (5) years towards the pool and park maintenance and repairs.  Thank you Elkland Township for partnering with the Village to keep Helen Stevens Memorial Pool and Cass City municipal park open for future generations to enjoy!

I would like to thank Dairy Farmers of America for being a great corporate citizen. I was contacted by their General Manager about donating to the Village unused office furniture to include a table and chairs, shelving, and a bookcase.  All the items have been put to good use, and their generosity is greatly appreciated.

If you have not been in the Cass City Municipal Park lately, stop by to see the renovations on the exterior of the pool building.   On behalf of the Village, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Northwood Modular Homes for donating labor to restore the worn and weather-beaten exterior of the building with low maintenance vinyl.  Thank you to all those involved and for your donation.  Your work will be viewed and appreciated by many for years to come.