TO:                  Village Council

FROM:             Debbie Powell, Village Manager

DATE:              October 27, 2017

RE:                   Manager’s Report

A month in review from your new Village Manager.  

Thank you for the warm welcome extended by the Council and the Village of Cass City.  I have had the pleasure of meeting many residents, business owners, and key community stakeholders in the past month.  Cass City has a highly skilled and talented work force, and I have enjoyed getting to know the employees and touring the village facilities and treatment plants.  

I have had the opportunity to meet our Chamber of Commerce representatives and learn about the business community and their many projects.  With an eye towards our future leaders, I visited the Cass City High School and met with Superintendent Jeff Hartell, and many others.  I have attended village meetings with the DDA, Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning Commission, and Council Committees.  The Rotary Club extended an invitation for me to be the speaker at their meeting, and I was very impressed by their mission and guiding principles and the many members.   I have found the community has a lot of caring individuals who volunteer and are engaged.  Their passion and commitment will strongly contribute to preparing Cass City for future generations.

I have met with many elected officials and community leaders in the region, and have been invited to many upcoming meetings also.  I plan to promote Cass City through these meetings and seek resources and alliances to grow Cass City. I believe through collaboration and partnering with others in our region on common goals, that it will be a catalyst for success in Cass City for key areas such as economic development and new jobs.  

The past few weeks I have worked on building relationships and creating a vision for the Village of Cass City for positive change with a focus on the future.    I look forward to the November Committee of a Whole meeting and the Strategic Planning, so that we may start working on our goals and objectives for fiscal year 2018.  The timing for our Strategic Planning is good as it coincides with the preparation of our budget.  This will allow staff to budget in accordance with plans for the next year.

An e-mail delivery system for routine updates and correspondence was established for prompt communication with the Council.  In addition, I have met and talked with members of the media with the intent to tell the “Good News” story of Cass City, to inform the public on matters of interest, and to be more transparent.  In the future, our website will be modified to include more information also, such as council packets.

As I remember the whirlwind of activities this past month, I have to say the best part was meeting so many wonderful people that have made me feel right at home.  The most fun would be the amazing Pinktober event!  Candy and Kiddos, what a great time!