TO:                 Village Council

FROM:           Debbie Powell, Village Manager

DATE:            November 23, 2017

RE:                 Manager’s Report November 2017

It’s been a very busy month with a lot of activity at the Municipal Building. We are preparing for year end, and also planning and budgeting for 2018.

On November 2, 2017, I met with Anderson Tuckey, auditors for Cass City, to discuss the 2016 audit. It was a productive meeting with suggested changes in policies and processes. Additionally, we discussed the village investments, security and strategy. Upon council approval to add me to the Chemical Bank account, I plan to meet with their Wealth Management Department at the advice of our auditors.

Thank you to all that attended the Strategic Planning Session on November 8, 2017. The primary goals approved for 2018 include: 1) Grocery Store, 2) Jobs and Economic Development, 3) WWTP Grit System, 4) Streets, 5) Blight Elimination, 7) Parks Basketball Courts and Helen Stevens Memorial Pool, and 7) Master Plan. A secondary goal for the year is our Redevelopment District.

On November 8th, I attended the Cass River Greenway Meeting and toured the primitive boat launch in Vassar. I learned about the Cass River Trail and future plans for this waterway.

In the month of November we will meet with the Teamsters for negotiations on three occasions.  Negotiations are progressing well.


On Monday, November 13, President Carl Palmateer, Trustees Biefer and Barrios and I met with Representative Gary Glenn who is running for the State Senate, District 31 which includes Tuscola County. Representative Glenn shared and discussed legislation that impacts Cass City and Tuscola County i.e., automobile insurance rates, proposed shipping ballast unloading that would allow new shipping channels for area growers, and alternative energy resources for Dairy Farmers of America. 

The Tuscola Area Airport Authority met on November 9th.  The Authority members discussed concerns raised by citizens from the Village of Cass City

regarding funding for the airport. There was discussion concerning contacting the County Board of Commissioners to put a countywide millage on the ballot for the airport. 

I met with Jean Anthony, President and CEO of Hills & Dales Hospital on Friday, November 17, 2017. I toured the hospital and got a first-hand look at their operations.  The expansion project was discussed, and the Village of Cass City future plans to improve Hill Street. 

On November 20, I attended the Tuscola County Board of Commissioners at their invitation. I introduced myself and presented on the 2018 Goals for the Village of Cass City.

Staff has been working on the fiscal year 2018 budget which will be delivered to the council on November 22, 2017. The budget will be presented at the November 27, 2017 meeting for discussion. A public hearing and approval of the proposed budget and millage will appear on the December 18, 2017 agenda.

I have been seeking audio system options for the council meetings, in response to complaints by meeting attendees that they could not hear. The 2018 capital budget will include the audio upgrades for the council meeting room.

As you can see from all the activity, it has been a busy month. However, there is always time to be thankful and grateful.  I would like to express my appreciation for all the kindness and assistance I have received from the Council, Community, and staff.  I would like to wish you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving!