TO:                  Village Council

FROM:             Debbie Powell, Village Manager

DATE:             September 24, 2018

RE:                  Manager’s Report September 24, 2018

I write this report to you from the Michigan Municipal League (MML) Annual Convention in Grand Rapids. MML and the Michigan Association of Planners have prepared a series of workshops to showcase best practices for planning initiatives and projects for all communities. Michigan Economic Development Corporation is sharing incentives for their programs for community and economic development, and peacemaking to improve quality of life.

I have made many good contacts with the vendors on exhibit. I learned that MML provides local governments units with liability and worker’s comp insurances, and I would like to consider them before we renew our current policy. I met our DTE governmental liaison who I will be meeting with next week to discuss the excessive power outages that Cass City has experiences this past year. I spoke with a company that makes banners and will receive a quote for replacing our Christmas banners as the old banners are in poor condition, with many rips and tears. I also had the opportunity to meet with the representatives from Johnson Controls to discuss new state law allowing lease of equipment that would normally be capital and listed as debt and a program called TELP. As we look at capital improvements in our wastewater plant and at the municipal building, this may be worth evaluating.

There are many more sessions today and tomorrow. The most informative workshop yesterday was on Human Resources and how employers are able to deal with employees who have a medical marijuana card. This would apply to recreational use also. The Assistant City Attorney for Denver, Colorado gave a presentation. Employers will still be able to manage and run their operations and maintain a drug free work place. This has been challenged and upheld in court because marijuana is still illegal at a federal level. Therefore, the courts sided with employers who enforced zero tolerance for drug use.

There was much more that I will share with you when I return. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to attend the MML Annual Convention and be your voting delegate. It is always a challenge to be out of the office; however, there is much to gain by keeping up with latest State news, trends, new products and networking with colleagues.