To: Village President and Council

From: Lou LaPonsie, Village Manager

Date: February 27, 2017

Subject: Manager’s Report

    I began work as the Interim Village Manager for the Village of Cass City the morning of February 8, 2017.  I first met with Police Chief Craig Haynes who then acquainted me with the Village office staff and the Department heads.  The Department Heads then informed me of the existing work that each department was involved in and the proposed priority projects that they were seeking to accomplish.

    The budget was reviewed with it showing a reasonable fund balance in each of the funds.  The replacement of the switchgear at the Waste Water Treatment Plant will cost approximately $165,000.00. This will draw down the WWTP fund balance but it is expected to be built up again to a reasonable amount by year end.


The Clerk and the Clerk Assistant have been very helpful in getting me acquainted with the files and office procedure.


The Chief is satisfied with Department operations.


The DPW crew is presently seeking to join the Teamsters Union. We have complied with all of the necessary procedures to date.

A number of the cast iron sanitary sewer street crossings on South Seeger Street have a build-up of material in the lines and need to be re-placed.  Water lines on a number of the streets run to Seeger and do not cross. Water lines need to cross on these

Streets so as to loop the lines and increase pressure on the surrounding system. This will also aid in fire protection.

We have contacted Townley Engineering , Sandusky, Mi. for estimates.

The Arsenic Treatment Plant is meeting all the required limits.


Work on replacing the switchgear has yet to start.

The Plant is meeting all the required limits.


10 permits were issued in 2016.

Zero permits have been issued to date for 2017.

Respectfully Submitted,