TO: Village Council

FROM: Debbie Powell, Village Manager

DATE: June 25, 2018

RE: Manager’s Report June 2018

A lot has been going on at the Municipal Building this past month.  Staff has been working hard on organizing, planning, and preparing the Village for our July Freedom Festival.  DPW and Parks Departments are busy trimming, cleaning, painting, etc. and the parks and village is looking good!

Some of the activities over the past month include resolving blight complaints, we are having great success and compliance upon informing residents of laws regarding property maintenance and upkeep.  Great work by our Police Department/Code Enforcement.  We have a committee formed who are working on a Blight Ordinance also.

The Master Plan process is progressing and a community survey will be released for input on what the residents and businesses would like to see developed in Cass City over the next 5-10 years.  Look for it soon online and at the Municipal Building.  We will be holding a Master Planning Event Open House on July 7th from 9 am to noon during the Freedom Festival also at the Municipal Building too.

Staff has worked very hard on preparing the first bi-annual Village newsletter which was distributed the week of June 18th.  It was a little like giving birth, painful in setting up the template and arranging for the bulk postage rate, but what a beautiful baby in the end!  Special thanks to Kate Pohlod, Nan Walsh, Barb Lutzky and our Department Heads for all their hard work in making it happen.  I hope you have had an opportunity to read and save it for future reference.  The newsletter is key to transparency, education, and informing the community of what is happening in the Village.  

With the onset of spring and summer, my attention has been focused on Economic Development of the downtown corridor and the industrial park.  I have been meeting and talking with current and prospective investors/developers, and will continue to do so.  Recently I had an opportunity to meet with Jim Zyrowski of Ben’s Supercenters.  I met with him at both his Marlette and Brown City locations.  He has assured me that he intends to start working on the Cass City Supermarket now that his other projects have been completed.  I hope to have more information to share with you in the near future. 

Much has been said about the Helen Stevens Memorial Pool over the past several weeks and we have been actively working to correct problems.  We are open and swimming classes are progressing as scheduled.  Our summer Day Camp program starts June 25th and we are looking forward to a fun and safe summer recreational season.