Cass City Curbside Recycling

Bins are available at the Village free of charge. One bin per residence, please.

Recycling services are provided by Emterra Environmental USA.

 Items Accepted:

-Newspaper, Inserts, Office Paper, File Folders, Paper Bags, Magazines, Catalogs, Junk Mail, Telephone Books.  Please put these items in brown paper bags or tie them up with string.

-Cardboard boxes (flattened), Cereal Boxes, Paper Towel Rolls, etc.  Cardboard items must be bundled and tied in two (2) foot squares, not to exceed a thickness of one (1) foot.

-Plastic Bottles & Containers #1 through #7 are acceptable, but should be rinsed out with the cap removed.

-Glass Jars & Bottles (clear glass preferably) should be rinsed out and the lids removed.

-Aluminum/Tin/Steel Cans, Foil, and Pie Tins should be rinsed out and the labels removed the best you can. Flattening these items can conserve space in your container.

-Styrofoam Cartons are acceptable but must be clean and no larger than 2’ x 2’ (2 foot by 2 foot).

-Plastic Grocery Bags are acceptable.

Items NOT Accepted:

-No Styrofoam Packing Peanuts.

-Cardboard with food product (i.e. pizza boxes)

-Hazardous Waste or containers from Hazardous Waste WILL NOT be accepted.  These items include but are not limited to electronics, ceramics or dishes, food waste, used pizza boxes, empty motor oil bottles, anti-freeze jugs, cooking oil containers, light bulbs, window glass or mirrors, broken glass, batteries and yard waste.

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