The Village of Cass City is proud to offer its residents 24 hour, 365 days a year police protection. The Cass City Police Department is very well trained, all MCOLES certified, and equipped with the most current technology and support equipment. Full-time personnel and part-time officers provide patrols and peace of mind in a community-based department. A patrol car is always just minutes away from any point in the village, to not only uphold the laws and aid the victims of crime and injury, but to truly apply themselves to the needs of the residents.
The Cass City Police Department has a mutual-aid agreement with the Tuscola County Sheriff Department and the Michigan State Police, as well as local police departments. In a leadership capacity, the Cass City Police Department hosts a bi-monthly Investigators Meeting of Law Enforcement personnel and County Prosecuting Attorneys from Huron, Sanilac, and Tuscola Counties. In close collaboration with the Cass City Public Schools, the department communicates and trains with school administration and staff regularly, maintaining positive community presence with students, teachers, and families. Jointly, the school and village share crossing guard responsibilities and costs.
In a joint agreement with Elkland Township, fire protection service is readily available in the heart of the village, complete with fully pressurized water line looping, a village-wide hydrant system, and a bulk water salesman unit available for any water emergency. MMR Ambulance Service is also based in downtown Cass City, enabling a very quick response time.