Citizens of Cass City are very proud of the quality of life in this community. Cass City boasts a 9-hole golf course, an 80-acre recreational park which has two children's playgrounds, three baseball fields, three softball diamonds, a T-Ball field (each with dugouts), two permanent concession buildings, a football field and track, two pavilions, and wooded nature areas. Three additional children's playgrounds are located in other quadrants of the village.

Our park gem, a public swimming pool, offers swim lessons, open swim, and rental opportunities. Businesses will often fund a "free swim day", during which residents and citizens from other communities can enjoy the pool for free. This same pool converted from a chlorine-based water sanitation program to a saline-based system in 2009, providing a healthier and more cost effective swimming program to our residents.

Cass City is extremely user-friendly for walkers, bikers, hikers, rollerbladers, and skateboarders. Music in the Park is provided to guests free of charge, as community businesses sponsor our local live bands. Most impressive is that the Parks, Recreation, and Library opportunities are utilized by all age groups, including small children, families, seniors, and teens!
Last, but certainly not least, the Village of Cass City is a beautiful-to-view community. Curbside weekly trash pickup includes recycling, yard waste and waste pickup. Each Monday, DPW staff pick up brush and tree limbs at no additional cost to the resident. Streets are swept and leaf vacuuming is done each fall. Snow is removed quickly, with minimal banking on the sidewalks. Residents take much pride in their homes, as witnessed by the painting, cleaning, re-roofing, landscaping, and seasonal maintenance seen throughout the area. No one would disagree that Cass City is indeed a beautiful place, and a fine community to live in!
The Village Council, Management, and Staff are extremely pleased to present this dashboard which is just a small “snapshot” of the Village of Cass City. We hope you can visit our community in person, and come see for yourself.